Our flagship range at Black Mountain Whisky, these whiskies best represent our heart and soul, our vision of whisky, and our know-how.

They are refined in barrels previously used to make Armagnac, another spirit dear to our region, which allows us to infuse our whiskies with the Occitan spirit. Moreover, we have always wanted to create products that are accessible and easy to consume—quaffable whiskies that are nonetheless refined and of quality. And through our expertise and the quality of our blended whiskies, that is what emerges from these cuvées. A range of spirits that express our uniqueness rather than trying to imitate existing products—a feature that is particularly noticeable in the peated edition, where we propose an original peat profile that is distinct from the great classics.



Accessible and mature — a whisky bearing the flavors of Southwestern France.


An ode to sharing; a highly accessible, pleasant whisky.


A revisited classic, a modern take on peated whisky.

Also available in gift sets!
Our Tasting sets make the perfect gift and include one bottle and two Helicium® glasses, while our Discovery set covers the entire range in miniature.

BM Whiskies

BM whiskies bring together our most accessible cuvées, those you should try first if you are just discovering the world of whisky or if you are looking for a bottle just for the pleasure of it, to be enjoyed with friends or family.

Classics to rediscover, our touch is present in each of them, with refinements marked by the traditions of the French South-West. No compromise on quality, while retaining simplicity and tasting pleasure as our objectives. BM Original is crafted using this very approach. BM Double Maturation pushes the concept even further by offering a wild delicacy with an extra twist. Dive into our world with these products.

Double Maturation

An original maturation with Occitan influences.


Simplicity and pleasing taste for any occasion.

Gift box
You’ll fall in love with the Double Maturation gift box! It contains a bottle and two 25cl tumblers, perfect for enjoying your whisky neat, on ice, or as part of a cocktail!

Limited edition

Our range of limited editions consists of our most original and mature Black Mountain blended whiskies.

These are exceptional bottles, the fruit of our work refining and selecting quality barrels sourced from partners who share our values. With our whiskies matured in barrels of TWOT West Indian rum, La Braxéenne Occitan beer, and Armagnac from Mao Spirits, we offer you more than just aperitifs. Take a trip around the world and explore the flavors of whisky through different finishes. Each of these whiskies has its own, original aromatic identity that we invite you to try.


Finition fût de rhum #2

A colorful, unique, and unusual tasting experience.

Finition fût de rhum #3

The exoticism of Guianese rum in a smooth whisky.

Fût de Bière

The alliance of whisky and beer, a marriage of traditions.

Fût de Chêne Toasté

Heavily toasted for strong sensations.


Selected from 6 exceptional casks by the wine merchants and restaurateurs of Occitania.

of the Sea #2

An exceptional maturation influenced by the temperament of the ocean.

of the Sea #3

An exceptional maturation period spent aboard a century-old sailboat on a voyage to the Caribbean.

of the Sea #4

An exceptional maturation, influenced by the North Sea spray

Gin Black Mountain

The light, fresh gin par excellence

Single Malt Bio

A French organic single malt distilled and aged in Occitania.

Cocktail & Mixology