Finition Fût de Chêne Toasté


Heavily toasted for strong sensations


Whisky is a spirit that has an infinite number of facets. A multitude of parameters influence its aromas. With this bottling, we invite you to stick with our blended whisky selection and our traditional ex-Armagnac barrels, and to discover as well the influence of a finish in heavily toasted oak barrels!

Toasted oak,
amplified aromas

Toasting is the manufacturing stage of a barrel during which the interior is burned to varying degrees. This is done in order to modify the impact the barrel has on the aromatic profile of the whisky it will hold.

Heavy toasting creates intense notes of caramel, burnt wood, smoke, and sometimes even tobacco or coffee. It is this influence that we were looking for when we designed Black Mountain Finition Chêne Toasté.

Aromatic profile


The Nose

The heavily toasted oak adds character and body to this whisky. A beautiful structure on which are grafted caramel, vanilla, and a lactic note. All together, they recall the scent of crème brûlée. A few flowers complete the picture.

The Palate

The palate is a real surprise! A whisky with great aromatic richness and power. Cereals come into play, accompanied by notes of toast and vanilla. A wild, almost sweet delicacy.

The Finish

The finish is long, carried by the intensity of the aromas already present in the mouth, but more delicately. Cereals, wood, and sweet spices merge and leave a feeling of sweetness on the palate.

A word from the ambassador

Lovers of unusual products, lovers of powerful sensations and strong aromas, welcome home! This characterful whisky will flatter your nose and delight your taste buds without fail. The heavily toasted barrels allow us to obtain an aromatic profile unique among the Black Mountain range. The whisky that will make you love strong sensations.

Julia Nourney – Ambassador