Spirit of the Sea #3


Back to the origins of whisky maturation


The salty air, the humidity of the open sea, the rolling of the boat—all conditions that were once common when whisky underwent part of its maturation during transport at sea. A tradition that we have revived with TOWT, a company that is relaunching the sail-powered merchant marine.

A strong

After the success of previous editions, we once again loaded one of our barrels on the deck of the “Gallant”, a magnificent, century-old schooner over 36 meters long.

Onboard, Black Mountain Spirit of the Sea Voyage #3 aged at sea, at the mercy of the wind and the boat’s stopovers for more than 5 months. North African coasts, the Canary Islands, Mauritania, Cape Verde, the Caribbean—an itinerary that would make any globetrotter drool, and which slowly shaped this whisky to give it its strong character.

Aromatic profile


The Nose

A soft nose, but one whose marked aromas of vanilla, coconut, dry wood, and caramel cream immediately enchant. In the background, light peppery, liquorice, and citrus notes add pep and balance.

The Palate

Very aromatic on the palate, with fruit and vanilla adding a luxuriousness; ginger and spices adding freshness; and notes of orange zest to introduce a hint of bitterness that makes your mouth water.

The Finish

A medium to long finish, quite dry, that invites you to come back quickly. Mainly focused on woody aromas, delicately complemented by notes of candied fruit and citrus.

A word from the ambassador

This third edition of Spirit of the Sea once again invites you on a voyage of gustatory exploration. A very balanced and nuanced blended whisky with marked aromas that respond to and counterbalance each other wonderfully. A barrel whose exceptional aging conditions have resulted in a charming whisky that will delight the taste buds of many a spirits-lover!

Ben – Ambassador