The Legend
of the Louglier
and the spring

Enigmatic. Powerful. Untamed. An imaginary hybrid animal, the Louglier has become our emblem, thus joining the fantastic bestiary of the greatest whisky makers.
It carries us to the heart of Cathar Country, to the mysterious, age-old lands of the Montagne Noire mountain range. Long live the legend.
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Languedoc, 1646. Rumor swells. On the steep, remote paths of the Montagne Noire, a land of magic and legends, a mysterious beast sows fear. This is the unknown cousin of the Beast of Gevaudan. While in many ways the two may seem similar, there is one key difference: the Louglier is unanimously described as a hybrid creature, a cross between a wolf and a wild boar. Naturalists may dispute the possibility of such thing, but no one has asked for their opinion.

Disturbing Events in the Montagne Noire
Accounts of the presence of the Louglier in the Montagne Noire are rare and essentially oral, few having been written down or bearing useful information. The strange animal was first seen around the middle of the 17th century, when it drank water from a spring in the vicinity of what is now Fraïsse-sur-Agoût. The local populations at the time worshiped the waters, which were supposed to have healing powers, and from then on, this spring was called "the Spring of the Louglar" (from "lop", wolf, and "singlar", boar, in Occitan). Later, disparate accounts of misdeeds supposedly committed by the beast appeared, but the places and the circumstances are rather imprecise and no name is mentioned. The only known representation of the Louglier seems to be a vignette engraved on wood, published in a small brochure printed in 1774 by the Abbot Delprat entitled "Du Loup-Glier dans les Diocéses de Saint-Pons & de Castres" ("On the Loupglier in the Saint-Pons & Castres Dioceses"). One must wait until 1960s and '70s for a handful of more or less amateur researchers to take up the question from a more scientific perspective by resorting to cryptozoological theses.

A Fantastical Animal with Supernatural Strength
The descriptions, as scattered as they are, all agree on one point: the appearance of the beast. A huge wolf with a massive, stocky body; rough, bristly hair; a long, thick tail; and a nose that forms a snout. Above all, two teeth that protrude, one from each side of its jaw, like the tusks of a boar. The rare accounts never mention either any young, nor old, nor female lougliers. No one has ever found the corpse of a Louglier, nor any remains whatsoever—neither hair nor bones nor teeth. In short, everything would suggest a fantastical, purely mythical, animal.>
The memory of the feared wild beast has been somewhat diluted over the centuries, and only lives more or less unconsciously in the collective imagination, generally without being taken very seriously. However, if you happen to walk along the paths of the Montagne Noire in the very early hours of the day, perhaps you will feel a strange sensation, as though you are being watched. Perhaps the Louglier is not so imaginary after all...

The Occitan Legend of the Louglier, As Interpreted by Black Mountain
At Black Mountain, we dilute our whiskeys with water from the old spring in Louglier, the very one that the beast used to drink from centuries ago. And, we like to imagine, here in these Montagne Noire springs, there still flows a small portion of the wild and mystical nature of the Louglier, imparting its special character to our whiskies.

It was under the pencil lead and the pen of the talented Jean-Claude Pertuzé, a Gascon illustrator keen on history and Occitan culture, that the Louglier came to life in 2011. Jean-Claude left us in April 2020. We wish to pay tribute to his talent and his abundant imagination, which helped us bring the legend to life.

The quality and nobility of Black Mountain blends are based on the subtle harmony between three determining elements: the whiskies, the barrels, and the water. And the Black Mountain adventure would certainly not have existed without the discovery of the Raja spring, a water source with exceptional qualities located in Fraïsse-sur-Agoût, in the heart of the Montagne Noire.

In this mountain range in the extreme south-western part of the Massif Central, in Occitania, the hydrology is very specific. Rainfall is abundant and feeds a network of springs with optimal qualities for whisky production. Indeed, the water we use comes from untreated groundwater and is thus naturally filtered and protected from pollution due to human activity. It is therefore exceptionally pure water whose absence of iron and low mineral content (calcium and magnesium) allow our blends to unlock all their power and aromatic richness.

During our crafting process, Montagne Noire water is used in blending to dilute the whiskies before they are refined in old Armagnac barrels from Mao Spirits, thus giving them their characteristic gourmet “Sud-Ouest” richness.

While waiting to obtain official authorization to use the Raja spring, we are currently using water from the Eau de la Reine spring (Groupe Monte Bacco) in Castelnau-de-Brassac, which has the same qualities as the water from the Raja spring, and which we transport in tanker trucks to Condom.

  • Today….
    Today, the journey continues with the creation of new products, the collaboration with many experts, but also and above all the distillery project that will allow us to create our 100% Occitan whisky!
  • 2019
    Exceptional bottling of Fût Collector N°48, a BM N°1 cask with extra-long maturation of 7 years in old Armagnac casks from Maison Mao Spirit.
  • 2018
    First limited editions of whiskies with a finish in special casks: the “Finish Fût de Rhum” and “Finish Fût de Bière”, a first in France! A finish in casks that contained a craft beer from the Pyrenees and another in casks that contained TOWT rum, transported by sail from the French West Indies.
  • 2017
    Launch of a second blended whisky for supermarkets: “BM Double Maturation”. A real novelty which, with its notes of nuts, quickly finds its followers.
  • 2016
    Launch of the “Notes Fumées” whisky. With its proportion of peated whiskey, this blended whisky is ideal for learning the typical smoky flavors, but always keeping the characteristic gourmet touch of Black Mountain Whisky.
  • 2015
    We are working on a distillery project and are starting the first environmental study on the future site, in the Montagne Noire natural park where our spring is located.
  • 2014
    Our range is becoming more democratic with the launch of a blended whiskey dedicated to the supermarkets: BM Blend.
  • 2013
    The BM1 was born, still using the same manufacturing process. A very rich but easy to drink whisky, designed for connoisseurs.
  • 2012
    A highlight for Black Mountain with the bottling of BM2, our first blended whiskey, created with whiskeys imported from the United Kingdom. Designed with the help of Robert Léauté, former cellar master and R&D director at Rémy Martin, we wanted to create a whisky that reflected who we are: generous, gourmet and accessible.
  • 2011
    This is the beginning of our story! Cédric, Laure, Jacques and Pierre embark on the adventure of whiskey made in the South-West by creating Black Mountain Compagnie SAS.

A story
of passionate entrepreneurss

A fabulous, if slightly crazy, project with a brilliant team in a region where I spent my holidays as a child. For me, Black Mountain whisky is synonymous with emotion and excellence.”

Jacques ROSSI, known as « Djac »
Packaging & communication

I grew up in Mazamet. Black Mountain is a bold project in the land of my roots, one that shows deep respect for the people who live there and the natural environment that nourishes them.

Laure Maurin-Segonne
Marketing, Regulations & Export

Come visit us in the Montagne Noire! We would be delighted to let you taste our product. I’m sure you’ll want to come back.

Pierre Lepetit
Technical & Finance

A water project that became a whisky project… It’s a great adventure, both interpersonal and entrepreneurial, here in the heart of the powerful, beautiful, mysterious Montagne Noire range-here, where I laid down my hat 20 years ago.

Cédric Leprette

Our philosophy

Black Mountain, Source of emotions and excellence!
Everything is said or almost…. The Black Mountain team is driven by passion and the desire to carry out an ambitious project:
the creation of whiskies of excellence produced with the greatest care in Occitania. To seduce and delight the senses of amateurs, the specifications are precise and demanding; we do not forget, however, the artistic part essential to the magic and the success of a company…

The distillery

At the edge of the Montagne Noire, and at the origin of the adventure, the Black Mountain team discovered a source of water with exceptional qualities. A low-mineral source with all the characteristics needed to produce an authentic South West whisky. The future distillery will be located in the heart of the Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park, in Fraïsse sur Agout, on the border of Hérault and Tarn. Located on a plateau at an altitude of 1,000 meters, this property will allow the whisky to age in ideal conditions. While waiting for the construction of the distillery, Black Mountain Compagnie has launched a range of blended whiskeys imported, blended, adjusted with water from the Montagne Noire, then refined in old barrels of prestigious Gascon spirits, in the South of France.

The future distillery

Black Mountain Compagnie was born on December 2, 2011. Since then, the company has been maturing and creating blends whose quality has been rewarded several times in international competitions. But Black Mountain’s ultimate goal is to create its own distillery in a protected regional park in Haut-Languedoc.

This project is ambitious in many ways and mobilizes the time and energy of the entire team behind the scenes, supported by renowned specialists in the field. Indeed, the creation of a whiskey distillery ex-nihilo is rather rare in France where we observe rather the addition of the distillation of cereals to an ancestral activity of distillation of fruits.

The creation of a distillery in a protected natural park is also rare, if not unique, in France and adds some difficulties and challenges to overcome. The Black Mountain Distillery will combine today’s technologies with the oldest traditions, blending into the unspoiled landscape of the region, respecting the natural environment, and using in priority local resources such as cereals, wood and water. No detail is forgotten, whether it is the origin and quality of the cereals, the characteristics of the stills, and the various means of being energy efficient while respecting the exceptional environment of the distillery.