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The Art of Blending

Black Mountain is the Occitan spirit in a bottle, blended and aged to perfection thanks to the know-how and talent of our Master Blenders.
The origin of the “Black Mountain Cocktail” was the late Robert Léauté, one of France’s foremost experts in the art of distilling, aging, and blending spirits. Today, the line of succession is brilliantly ensured by Stéphan Mao, a cellar master, blender, and refiner who puts all his passion into the quality and nobility of whisky made in southwestern France. Much more than a technique, blending is, to use Stéphan’s words, “an art that consists of matching different whiskies in order to create a fine aromatic work, one that is balanced and, above all, a vector of emotions”.


The world of spirits is in our blood, is our passion and our core business. Since 2012, thanks to the expertise and know-how of the men and women of Black Mountain, we have been dedicated to the import, blending, and refining of whiskies, adding our original gourmet Sud-Ouest touch.

In 2018, with the help of the prestigious Mao Spirits distillery, we began distilling and ageing. Hence our first 100% French (and organic!) single malt was released in 2021.
Others will follow in 2023. And after whisky, gin! Also in 2021, we were happy to expand our range by offering a 100% organic, 100% French gin produced in Occitania.
(To be continued…)


They have an infectious passion, they’ve made the world of spirits their core business, and they can talk about whisky for hours! Our four ambassadors support us in our beautiful adventure, working alongside us to help you get to know (and appreciate!!) whisky made in Southwestern France.

Cédric Leprette,
President of the Black Mountain Company
(a real jack-of-all-trades in the original sense…and an incorrigible optimist!)

Cédric has been committed body and soul to the Black Mountain enterprise from the outset. He even goes so far as to personally load the barrels of Spirit of the Sea on Friday evenings to transport them to Brittany, where they travel and age on old sailboats. Each beverage tells a story that he helped write, so who better than him to talk about it with passion?

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