BM Double Maturation


An original maturation marked by southwestern France.


The uniqueness of this edition undoubtedly lies in its double finish with Occitan flavors. First, 12 weeks in barrels of Armagnac from Mao Spirits, then 6 weeks in barrels of sweet wine from southwestern France. It is this double maturation that makes it so indulgent.

as a common thread.

What better way to get a majority of people to appreciate whisky than to make it as indulgent as possible? Fruity, slightly sweet, delicate, like a dessert. Balanced simply by a few woody and spicy notes so as not to have too much body.

This is exactly what we offer with BM Double Maturation. An aging process specially designed to infuse this blended whisky with a symphony of aromas that will make the taste buds of all lovers of gourmet pleasures dance.

Aromatic profile


The Nose

On the nose, the richness of the aromas is surprising. Wood is present, light and soft, and then a basket of juicy fruit is revealed: plums, apricots, white grapes. A slight sweet note is reminiscent of honey, and balances the few peppery spices present.

The Palate

Cooked, caramelized/stewed fruit enchant us. The woodiness brings with it notes of nuts and toast. Next come the spices. Pepper, cinnamon, star anise, sage and bay leaf complete this aromatic myriad.

The Finish

Aromas from the nose and mouth combine in a long, slightly drying finish that makes your mouth water. It gently unfolds the fruity, spicy, and then woody notes encountered throughout the tasting.

A word from the ambassador

An original double maturation that brings to this blended whisky an additional luxuriousness compared to its little brother, BM Original, giving it the appearance of a Proust madeleine. An easy and charming whisky, rich and full of contrast. An elegant way to dive into the world of Black Mountain Whisky and discover the work we do refining our whiskies.

Stéphan Mao – Ambassador