Spirit of the Sea #4


A journey under the flag of greed.


Embark on the deck of a sailing ship for a gustatory journey! In the past, barrels sailing on board merchant ships were not rare. Enthusiasts from all over the world tasted spirits with multiple and complex aging processes. Relive this experience with Black Moutain Spirit of The Sea Voyage #4!

A journey on

the traces of the Vikings

After a first maturation period of more than 6 months in the cellar, Spirit Of The Sea #4 Viking Edition went to live a unique experience of maturation at sea, on the pontoon of an old sailing ship: the Grayhound, a Swedish three masted ship.

The barrels loaded on board sail first to England. Then they head for the North Sea for a Scandinavian journey: Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Norway. With this journey, this limited edition returns to the origins of whisky maturation.

Ready to

to cast off?

Offered in a numbered glass bottle, sealed and dressed with a bag made with the canvas of a boat sail reconditioned after a sea voyage, Spirit of The Sea Voyage #4 is a limited edition of Black Mountain Whisky.

Adjusted to 44.5% and not cold filtered, the richness of its aromatic palette does not leave indifferent. The Mao Spirit Armagnac casks and the months spent at sea provide the delicately iodized twist typical of sea spray. Sailing between spicy, exotic and vanilla aromas, Spirit of The Sea Voyage #4 is the whisky that will suit all occasions and all adventurous palates!



First a rich bouquet of spices, then more vegetal notes. Gradually the greediness appears in the second nose, with vanilla, cooked banana, coconut and a light acidulous note.


A beautiful woody and vanilla structure accompanies spices, rather peppery. Some smoky and tannic notes appear then together with liquorice aromas.


Long finish evolving on cocoa notes and towards a vegetal and dry side, with light roasted coffee notes.