2 Premium


Accessibility and tasting pleasure.


BM N°2 is a mix of young blended whiskies distilled in the United Kingdom, reduced with water from the Montagne Noire, and refined in our cellars for 6 months in Armagnac barrels from Mao Spirits. A classic, multi-award winning, and easy to enjoy whisky.


An ode
to sharing.

Whisky is sometimes tasted alone, simply for the pleasure of making our senses work, analyzing its color and its aromas—but originally, it was a drink to be shared. Served to friends and family to celebrate life’s milestones, or to entertain passing guests.

BM N°2 is an edition that pays tribute to this vision of whisky, an ode to sharing, pleasure, and conviviality.

Aromatic profile


The Nose

The nose, soft and delicate, evokes spring, with flowers supported by the freshness of citrus fruits. Lemon is revealed in pastry-like shape reminiscent of lemon curd. This sweet touch is accompanied by vanilla and white pepper.

The Palate

The palate is rich, intense, and striking. It begins with fruit, with notes of Mirabelle plums, then moves between honey, warm spices, and wood. A touch of bitterness that balances the first sweet notes comes next.

The Finish

The finish, of medium length, is warm, sweet, and comforting. Aromas reminiscent of gingerbread out of the oven, then a few woody and liquorice notes that structure everything and linger in the mouth.

A word from the ambassador

A pleasant, quaffable whisky—a whisky for friends. The type of product that I love for its simplicity and accessibility. Originally, whisky was a liquor of celebration and sharing, so it’s a pleasure to have one on hand that suits all occasions, that appeals to beginners and insiders alike.

Stéphan Mao – Ambassador

Cocktail & Mixology

Mountain Poire

– 40ml Black Mountain N°2 PremiumWhisky
– 20ml French white vermouth
– 40ml Fresh pear juice from Occitanie
– 1/2 Fresh lemon juice
– 20ml Cane sugar syrup

Make in a shaker