Finition fût de rhum #3


The newest edition of one of our classics


Whiskies finished in rum casks (almost) all have the same thing in common: they are sought after for their great delicacy. This edition breaks the rules, marches to the beat of a different drum, and shows that the finish in rum casks can be revealed in a more subtle and delicate way.

Neat, on ice,
or even in a cocktail

After the West Indies, head to French Guiana for this new edition! It’s in former barrels of Toucan agricultural rum that we’ve chosen to age this blended whisky for 8 months, after a first finish of 6 months in our traditional ex-Armagnac barrels.

A classic finish in the world of whisky, but here, one that adds a different touch from the great classics of the genre. A more controlled, subtler luxuriousness that allows Black Mountain Finition Rhum (to be enjoyed on all occasions!


Aromatic profile


The Nose

A fresh, floral, spicy, slightly vegetable nose that immediately captivates with its originality. After aeration, vanilla, brown sugar, and wood appear but remain in the background.

The Palate

The palate is soft, almost sweet, with a few notes of burnt wood in the background. Then vanilla and brown sugar are back in play. Spices (pepper) appear in the final notes.

The Finish

The finish, of medium length, is sweet and balanced. It exhibits the same aromas as those already present and persists delicately in the mouth.

A word from the ambassador

A whisky that owes its fresh, delicate flavor to having spent several months in barrels used for Toucan agricultural rum. Distinct from the classics of the genre, it shows off a range of finer, subtler aromas. A versatile blended whisky that can be served as an aperitif as well as used in mixology to make delicious cocktails.

Ben – Ambassador