BM Original


Simplicity and pleasing taste for any occasion.


Simplicity is the key word for this cuvée. A classic to which we have applied our own touch by offering as accessible a whisky as possible without compromising on the aromatic palette. The whisky to choose for a pleasant tasting without fuss.

A spirit
of pleasure and sharing.

“Less is more,” as our British neighbors say. Purify, remove the superfluous, keep only the essentials, and offer the best. This is exactly what we do with BM Original.

A classic blended whisky, but not devoid of interest, composed of a wide range of fine and delicate aromas supported by a very slight smoky note that adds a touch of originality. The easy whisky par excellence, the perfect ally for your aperitifs with friends or family.

Aromatic profile


The Nose

A very fine, voluptuous nose. Cereals accompanied by waxy notes with a light lemony touch evolve into flowers and vanilla. In the background, a delicate smokiness enhances all the aromas with notes of burnt wood.

The Palate

On the palate, we discover a supple, light, and very aromatic whisky. Woody, vegetable, and floral notes accompanied by cereals and a hint of citrus. And always that light smoke structuring the whole.

The Finish

The finish, of medium length, is sweet and balanced. The smoke fades little by little and lets the woody aromas, the cereal, and the citrus notes already present in the mouth express themselves.

A word from the ambassador

The most approachable of Black Mountain whiskies. Its wide, delicate, well-crafted aromatic palette, as well as its low alcohol content, make it a whisky that everyone can enjoy. It lends itself very well to introductory sessions for those who would like to learn about whisky, and also to uninhibited pleasure tastings!

Cédric Leprette – Ambassador