Notes Fumées


A fresh, modern vision of peated whisky.


A complex arrangement of 2 blended whiskies distilled in the United Kingdom, reduced with water from the Montagne Noire, and refined in Armagnac casks. One fruity, refined for 8 months, and the other peaty, refined for 6 months, all blended for a final maturation of 2 months minimum in Armagnac barrels from Mao Spirits.

A delicate

Peat is an organic fossil material produced by the accumulation of dead plants in an environment saturated with water. It is frequently used as fuel for drying barley. During this process, it impregnates the grains with its smoke, to varying degrees of intensity. That is what gives whisky its peaty flavors.

There is no intense peatiness in this whisky to invade the mouth and mask the other aromas. Rather, it is expressed delicately via soft, smoky notes that highlight the rest of the aromatic palette.

Aromatic profile


The Nose

A nose with character that leads directly with smoky, fresh, mineral, lemony notes. On the second nose, the smoky notes become medicinal and vegetable, and wood appears along with spices. In the background, a few floral notes complete the picture.

The Palate

In the mouth, flowers take center stage, accompanied by sweet fruit. The mineral and lemony notes then return, accompanied by vanilla. The smoke is still there in the background, soft but omnipresent.

The Finish

A beautiful persistence in the mouth thanks to its long, warm finish—delicately smoky, where herbaceous vegetable notes mingle with the citrus aromas and mineral notes present in the mouth.

A word from the ambassador

A very nice approach to peat. The complexity is there and the alcohol is very well controlled. The smoky aromas are present but not aggressive. The finish persists nicely the mouth. A fresh, modern vision of peated whisky. The perfect whisky for those who wish to discover peat progressively!

Julia Nourney – Ambassador

Cocktail & Mixology

Smocked Abricot Smash

– 40ml Whisky Black Mountain Smoky Notes
– 20ml Apérol
– 40ml Apricot from Roussillon
– 1/2 fresh lemon juice
– 20ml Cane sugar syrup

Make in a shaker