1 Excellence


Aromatic richness and harmony of flavors.


BM N°1 is composed of 2 blended whiskies distilled in the United Kingdom and refined in our cellars. The first, young and fiery, is refined for 12 months in Armagnac barrels from Mao Spirits. The second is a deeper and more complex 8-year-old whisky that is also matured in Armagnac barrels for 6 months.

The whisky
with the flavors of Southwestern France.

This fresh, expressive blended whisky has a beautiful complexity that testifies to its maturity. It has been aged in barrels that held the best Armagnacs from Mao Spirits. Real excellence featuring the aromas of Occitania paired with the gold of the Montagne Noire range.

Its seductive golden color catches the eye even before its aromas are revealed. It then offers up a delicate, refined spectacle for the nose. It awakens the senses, invites you to taste. A lightness and an elegance that are confirmed in the mouth.

Aromatic profile


The Nose

As for the nose, softness and delicacy are the key words. Fresh, expressive, with light woody notes that evoke vanilla and peppery spices. The ripe, juicy fruit aromas are then revealed, accompanied by a hint of honey and a delicate, waxy note.

The Palate

On the palate, the aromas are frank. Notes of cereals, dry wood, spices. A hint of smoke arrives on the mid-palate, accompanied by aromas of nutmeg, bitter orange, and liquorice.

The Finish

A long, elegant, light and refined finish that slowly fades away, leaving slightly woody aromas on the palate, as well as the voluptuous freshness of citrus fruits and the cereal notes that were already present in the mouth.

A word from the ambassador

A very accessible whisky, but far from devoid of interest! No aggressiveness disturbs the pleasure of tasting. The remarkable aging work done on this whisky is felt through its balance and its range of aromas. Its aromatic richness and the harmony of its flavors make it a very elegant, refined whisky that will delight lovers of the genre.

Ben – Ambassador

Cocktail & Mixology

Black Mint Mountain

– 60ml Black Mountain N°1 Excellence Whisky
– 20ml Orgeat syrup
– 5 heads of fresh local mint

Make in a shaker