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Black Mountain Compagnie is the project of four friends from Toulouse, who are all passionate entrepreneurs. Their different experiences, characterising each of their careers, complement one another and contribute to the success of the project, based on the daring ambition to produce the finest French whiskies in the south west of the country.
How could it be?
By building a distillery, nestled against the foothills of the Montagne Noire and located on a 3,000 feet high plateau. A place where people say that a wild animal, half-wolf, half-boar, is roaming around…


water from
an exceptional spring

It was in the far reaches of the Montagne Noire that the adventure started, when the team of Black Mountain discovered a spring whose water had exceptional qualities, with a low level of minerals, and whose characteristics were all necessary to the production of a whisky with an authentic taste of the South West.

It is thus in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut Languedoc that the future distillery will be set up, in Fraïsse sur Agout, on the edge of the areas of Hérault and Tarn. Located on a 3,000 feet high plateau, these premises will allow our whisky to mature in ideal conditions.

While they are waiting for the building of their distillery, the team has launched a range of blended whiskies imported from Scotland and matured in the South West, Black Mountain Sélection, which gives a taste of the whiskies to come.

the future

Black Mountain Compagnie was formed on 2 December 2011. Since then, the company has been refining and creating blends that have won awards for quality in several international competitions.
Black Mountain’s ultimate objective, however, is to create its own distillery in a protected regional park in the Haut Languedoc. This is an ambitious project on more than one level and is progressing in the background, with the whole team, supported by renowned specialists in the field, devoting time and energy to it.
Creating a whisky distillery from scratch is relatively rare in France, where it is more common to add grain distilling to a long-established fruit distilling business. Creating a distillery in a protected natural park is equally rare and perhaps unique in France, and adds a number of difficulties and challenges to tackle.
The Black Mountain distillery will combine modern technologies with the most ancient traditions, blending in with the region’s protected landscape, protecting the natural environment and prioritising the use of local resources such as grain, timber and water. Every detail is important, from the origin and quality of the grain to the characteristics of the stills and the various ways of saving energy to protect the distillery’s exceptional environment.



Black Mountain, a Source of Emotions and Excellence!

Everything is said or almost… The team of Black Mountain is passionate and is driven by the will to carry out their ambitious project: the creation of excellence itself, extra fine whiskies made with the greatest care in Occitanie.

To appeal to the senses of whisky lovers and to delight their palate, the specifications are precise and demanding; and yet, we do not forget the artistic inspiration which is an essential part of the magic and success of a company…