BM Blended

BM Blended for large retailers

BM Blended
Double maturation

Smooth, fruity, balanced aromas

Our BM Double Maturation will delight your palate with its stone-fruit notes and hints of fruit and spice. Following an initial maturation in casks used to age prestigious spirits in Gascony, it spends a few weeks in casks used for sweet, strong wines in the south-west of France.

BM aperitifs

Euro BM

For a 250 ml volume

20 ml vanilla syrup
20 ml Monin syrup (spicy vanilla)
40 ml raspberry syrup
160 ml cranberry juice concentrate
50 ml BM Whisky
Ice, all mixed in a cocktail shaker


BM Piscine

For a 250 ml volume

5 cl BM Whisky
20 cl lemon soda


BM Nantais

For a 250 ml volume

6 cl BM Whisky
15 cl Schweppes
2 cl lime juice
5 cl raspberry juice
Crushed ice


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